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Since 1971, SYNCO Properties has been an owner and operator of a diverse array of multi-family properties.

We have acquired and operated apartments in over 20 submarkets within the Carolinas. Those communities have ranged from 44 to 429 units, from new to 40+ years old, from Class A to Class C.

In terms of size, age, and asset class, we do not limit our investment activities to any one predetermined apartment property type or classification. Instead, we invest in many types of apartment communities provided they are investments that make sense to us and our investing partners.  As market conditions change, we adjust our acquisition parameters accordingly.



Our President/CEO and CFO work closely with senior property and asset management to evaluate and position properties for sale.

We have a full understanding of capital markets and know all of the brokerage firms active and effective in the Southeast.  And more importantly, they know us and repeatedly report that they have positive experiences transacting with us on properties we own or manage.

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